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foldable wonder

small creative prints with great impact

Pocketplanner, pocketguides, pocketmedia, folding map, hang tags, instruction leaflet labels, folder z-fold-card, slope map - there are many names, but what exactly are our s-format® print products and what makes them so unique?

efficient print advertisement

print isn't dead

Today we are all strongly influenced by the flood of digital information. We filter much more and perceive things differently than just a few years ago. We know that communication, no matter on what level, is changing. Nevertheless, print communication still has a high priority in people's minds. Something special for the eye, which feels high-quality even in the hands, is still an unbeatable advertising medium that we have trusted more than the digital world.

mobil agil
The folding plan for your pocket

pocket guides

mobil agil

Easy to open - even easier to close. The folding planthat never lets you down. Information always at hand, exactly when you need it. These are our pocket planners.

Printed products Made in Austria

practical, compact & informative

Seebacher - the experts - one of the most innovative printing companies in Austria. Our competence lies in the field of sophisticated, small-format print products with enormous advertising impact. The benefit for the end user is always the focus of all our products.
Small format advertising

mini brochure

hang tag for skyy vodka

Back-stitched, punched, with almost any number of pages, these are our mini brochures in s-format®.
The smallest format is 35x35mm - small but powerful!

hang tag for skyy vodka
Practical & can be used anywhere

s-format® for every application

s-format® advertising materials are flexible and easily adaptable in format, processing and design. Each order is unique and thus achieves a strong differentiation with the customers. Conventional, inconspicuous flyers, postcards, inserts or folders are replaced.

clever folds
fold as often as you like

special folds

clever folds

Perhaps you need enclosure texts, a leporello folder or product descriptionsthat you want folded 16 times. We can do it!

small s-format® - big effect

the little things in life ...

... often make it great. In this sentence lies the core of our inspiration. Our specialisation in niche printed products is an evolution from traditional printing: from the impractical two dimensional page to a three dimensional interactive experience that engages customers. s-format® is a Seebacher original concept (& registered trademark) that describes our small, practical print creations.

The sales professionals

hang tags

beer bottle hangtag

hang tags act as your product's business card and ensure maximum attention in its environment.

beer bottle hangtag
The facts

More and more purchasing decisions are being made directly at the point of sale - despite increasing mobility, social networking and enlightened consumers. This offers the opportunity to influence the purchase decision. Exactly where the purchase takes place.

The Idea
New advertising ideas are in demand. Small-format special products that increase sales are proving to be particularly effective. They offer almost unlimited application and design possibilities - and at the same time provide the buyer with valuable additional information, improve your idea and increase the product value.
added value

A communication solution that offers your company the decisive cost-benefit advantage? s-format® advertising media are not only more efficient, they are usually also more cost-effective and open up completely new spaces for brand communication.

Linda Zechmeister

marketing assistance - Tourism Association Saalbach Hinterglemm

We are very satisfied with the long-standing cooperation between the Seebacher company and the Saalbach region, consisting of the tourism Saalbach Hinterglemm association and the mountain railways. The quality and innovation of the products as well as an uncomplicated, professional and fast project handling, especially in the area of our Bike-Map productions, speak for the company and the Seebacher team on all levels.

Christine Meschik

Marketing - Schmittenhöhebahn AG

The TWIN-Cards are a high-quality advertising medium which is very popular with guests because it is handy and makes all important information visible at a glance. The cooperation so far has been uncomplicated and professional, just as one would wish.

Stefan Valthe

Weissensee information

We are very satisfied with our regional print shop. The quality, the delivery dates and the personal service fit perfectly.

Caroline Klima

Putzkers Grafikteam

The high quality of the printing, the clarity of the order agreement and the reliability of the deliveries give us special pleasure in the cooperation. And we appreciate the competent and friendly employees who always find a solution even in difficult cases.

Stefanie Bergmüller

Grafikdesign, Snow Space Salzburg

Very friendly and good customer service, one gets immediately the most important information about the design possibilities of the Mini-Pocketfolder, questions or ambiguities are answered quickly. Tips of the different fold types, description and technical details about paper, application areas, etc. can be read up well on the website. Fast delivery and carefully prepared proofs. Perfect processing of the folders down to the smallest detail.

Elke Tarmann

STROH Austria GmbH

The bottle trailers for the "STROH Domestic Rum" jugs are always produced in perfect quality, quickly and with the competent and friendly service of the employees. Such a partnership is desirable.

some of our valued customers