hang tag – SPAR

The eye-catcher that arouses curiosity: s-format® product tags attract attention. Here you can distinguish yourself from your competitors with a small fine detail and give you a clear advantage at the POS. Or you have a "limited/special edition" or "premium" version - these differences can be highlighted very well with a hang tag.

format40x50 mm, portrait format
scope8 sites
print4/4 fbg. Euroscale (offset printing)
refinementrubber thread black, 1 mm
materialProduct tag/mini-brochure, 40×50 mm, open format 80×50 mm, finishing with matt dispersion varnish, processing with hole and drawn-in, knotted black rubber thread (1 mm), material: 135 g/sqm picture printing matt
processingwith 2 staples backstitched, 1x perforated, rubber thread automatically pulled in and linked, loop length (hole to knot) = 5 cm

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