the roots of good taste

guide brochure - Slow Food

In the culinary corner of Carinthia we rediscover slowness. The most beautiful powerhouses of the Slow Food Travel Region, as well as the best Slow Food experiences in Carinthia, have found their place in a new version of the Slow Food brochure. A travel guide to the roots of good taste with beautiful pictures and texts about the region.

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Classic Print

 Brochure with adhesive binding
formatCover: 118x210 mm, open format 470x210 mm
Content: 120x210 mm, open format 240x210 mm
scope68 pages content + 8 pages cover
print4/4 fbg. Euroscale (offset printing)
materialenvelope: 240g/qm Munken Lynx
Content: 90 g/qm Munken Lynx
processing2 Allongen on cover pages, adhesive bound

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