children's park - magic world

Folding map - "Ellmi's Zauberwelt"

Ellmi and his magic world - packed into a practical and easy to unfold magic plan. A slightly larger pocket folder with all information about Ellmi's magic. Our prints are also suitable for children - easy to store and easy to open and close. Furthermore, they are robust with high-quality materials and can withstand a lot. Adventure, myth and magic everything at a glance.

formatcover: 100x140 mm
content: 90x130 mm, opened format: 630x390 mm

scope7x3 fields
print4/4 fbg. Euroscale (offset printing)
material300 g/qm chromo sulphate board
80 g/sqm image printing matt
processingcover with round corners punching, folding, gluing, packing

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