Legal notice

Address & Headquarters

Seebacher GmbH
Kuehwegboden 40
9620 Hermagor



Phone +43 / 42 82 / 21 71-0
fax +43 / 42 82 / 21 71-2
e-mail [email protected]

Company data

FN: 139108x HG Klagenfurt
tax nr ATU 40 153 007
CEO: Gert Seebacher
CTO: Klaus Seebacher

Member of the WKÖ and the Verband für Druck- und Medientechnik.

Professional law: Industrial Code:

Supervisory authority/commercial authority: District administration Hermagor

Consumers have the possibility to submit complaints to the EU Dispute Settlement Platform:

Any complaints can also be sent to the above mentioned mail adress to be sent.