the Unterwirt Hüttn

Hiking maps Pocketplan - Agentur im Park

Whether by tractor, bicycle or on foot - the "Unterwirt Hüttn" in Bad Kleinkirchheim can be reached in many ways. All information about activities, offers and hiking maps have been graphically & linguistically processed by the agency im Park and packed into a modern pocket map. Including a dispenser with punched out writing as an additional highlight.

 s-format® pocketfolder
formatcover: 55x85 mm, opened format: 113x85 mm
content: 48x78 mm, opened format: 336x234 mm
scope7x3 fields
print4/4 - fgb. Euroscale
processingPocketfolder: leoprello folding & gluing
Dispenser: punching/scoring & gluing

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