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Seebacher GmbH

Family business

Seebacher GmbH is managed by the two brothers Gert and Klaus Seebacher, who took over the company from their father, Guenther Seebacher, in 2012. Guenther Seebacher founded the company in 1971.

In recent years we have been able to make a name for ourselves in the printing industry by specialising in short runs and print finishing. Our location is in Kuehwegboden near Hermagor in Carinthia.

gert und klaus seebacher


As an innovative company, we always strive to integrate new technologies. What clearly sets us apart from the competition are our self-developed machines. These were manufactured for us by machine builders for a modern and effective production.

Despite a certain dissonance between printing and digitalization, we have so far managed this combination very well and we look forward to an exciting future. 



Weiterentwicklung unserer internen Prozesse, vor allem Automatisierung und Digitalisierung


seit diesem Jahr können wir klimaneutral drucken, PEFC und FSC® Aufträge produzieren und haben das österreichische Umweltzeichen erhalten


Rezertifizierung unseres Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagementsystems ISO 9001 & 14001


Digitaldruckbereich wird ausgebaut


Changeover to LED UV printing technology.
A 3D printing department is established.

introduction of a quality and environmental management system and
ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification


Development of an online department for software development and online marketing


Redesign of our CI and the online presence


Large-scale conversion of the company premises with investments in new machinery, office space and storage facilities.


Trademark application for the "s-format®" and product development of the pocket guides.


The company building is extended and a large processing hall is built.


New machines, especially in the field of printing and print finishing (hot foil stamping and die-cutting) are purchased.


Investments are made in a 5-colour Heidelberg SM52 printing machine and in the area of small-format special folding machines.


Entry into the European market and acquisition of further special finishing machines.


Further processing machines for small-format niche products are developed and built by Seebacher for the first time.


Purchase of a 4-colour Heidelberg GTO printing machine in sheet format 50×35 cm

founded in 1971

Günther Seebacher, the father of today's management Gert and Klaus takes over the traditional printing house "Fratt" from Hermagor