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Unsere raffiniert gefalteten s-format® Pocketguides sind praktische Faltpläne, die in jede Jacken- & Hosentasche passen. Diese Info-Riesen im Mini-Format sind immer für eine Überraschung gut.

Der kleine feine unterschied

TWIN-Card oder Pocketfolder

Unsere Pocketguides oder Pocketplaner können als TWIN-Card or Pocketfolder gefertigt werden.

Die Funktion ist prinzipiell gleich, nur ist das verstärkte Cover beim Pocketfolder verbunden, wie bei einem Büchlein und bei der TWIN-Card besteht das Cover aus 2 Einzelteilen. 

Die s-format® TWIN-Card

twin card printing planner

This compact and practical folding card can be opened and closed and stored in a trouser or jacket pocket. The 2 reinforced covers are separated from each other and printed on cardboard to ensure maximum stability.

Der s-format® Pocketfolder

pocketfolder print card

Basically a curve radius of 4 mm has proven to be the best for our pocket guides. In most cases, this is determined individually for the corresponding format - however, it is usually between 3 and 5 mm - but can of course be freely selected or sometimes omitted.

With easily unfolded contents and enclosed in firm covers, these extraordinary advertising media are impressive. With fascinating design possibilities for the effective presentation of your contents. Pocket planners are practical mini folding plans. 

A hard-wearing inner sheet (90 g/qm), which is easy to fold and unfold, is enclosed by strong cardboard covers (350 g/qm) and is therefore highly durable.

Because it is so easy to open and close again, you can pack the TWIN-cards or pocket folders with their great format right away instead of throwing them into the next bin - as is often the case with flyers, folders & Co.

  • easy handling
  • noble presentation in dispensers
  • unique and individually designable
  • ideal companion, reusable, weatherproof
  • familiarity and feel of paper
  • no electronics necessary

The TWIN-Cardand the Pocketfolder are individually and flexibly adaptable. Essential in the development of the appropriate format and the selection for TWIN-Card or the Pocketfolder are your wishes and needs for the project. Furthermore, some technical details have to be considered (e.g. optimal number of fields) to ensure full functionality.

Therefore it is best to contact us directly so that we can find the perfect solution together.

  • blind embossing on cover
  • hot foil stamping on the cover
  • high-gloss coating / partial UV coating
  • cellophane (matt or glossy) on the cover
  • various "goodies" can be installed, such as NFC chips or scratch fields
  • tourism: hotel cards, gastronomy, ski schools
  • city or timetables
  • hiking maps, orientation maps
  • slope maps
  • events: sports, fairs, concerts
  • panoramic maps
  • advertising: automotive, culture, food industry, fashion, pharmaceutical industry

Stefanie Bergmüller

Grafikdesign, Snow Space Salzburg

Very friendly and good customer service, one gets immediately the most important information about the design possibilities of the Mini-Pocketfolder, questions or ambiguities are answered quickly. Tips of the different fold types, description and technical details about paper, application areas, etc. can be read up well on the website. Fast delivery and carefully prepared proofs. Perfect processing of the folders down to the smallest detail.

Christine Meschik

Marketing - Schmittenhöhebahn AG

The TWIN-Cards are a high-quality advertising medium which is very popular with guests because it is handy and makes all important information visible at a glance. The cooperation so far has been uncomplicated and professional, just as one would wish.

Stefan Pertl

Marketing & Media Services GmbH

The TWIN-Card is practical and satisfies high demands. The experts at Seebacher deliver reliable quality with sunny-friendly customer service from the south of Austria 😉

Simon Schmid

Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg AG

For some years now we have been using TWIN-cards for our slope plan. These are practical and very popular with our guests. The cooperation with the company Seebacher is very pleasant and we can rely on everything to work out.

Linda Zechmeister

marketing assistance - Tourism Association Saalbach Hinterglemm

We are very satisfied with the long-standing cooperation between the Seebacher company and the Saalbach region, consisting of the tourism Saalbach Hinterglemm association and the mountain railways. The quality and innovation of the products as well as an uncomplicated, professional and fast project handling, especially in the area of our Bike-Map productions, speak for the company and the Seebacher team on all levels.

Marianne Daberer

der daberer. das biohotel

Die Mitarbeiter der Firma Seebacher sind für mich DIE Experten wenn es um Drucksorten geht. Super Kundenservice und hochwertige Drucksorten – und das alles vor der Haustüre.

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questions & answers

No, but the 55×85 mm (= credit card format) is the smallest version and the 78×108 mm version is very popular and has often proven to be extremely practical. It is possible to use the TWIN -Card up to a format of 105×210 mm.

It is important that the function of opening and closing is always optimally guaranteed. The same applies to the pocket folder.

No, but the 55×85 mm format (=credit card format) is the smaller version and the 74×105 mm version is very popular and has often proved to be practical. It is possible to realise the pocket folder up to a format of 105×210 mm.
It is important that the function of opening and closing is always optimally guaranteed. The same applies to the TWIN-Card.

For optimal function, we recommend a even number of columns and 3 rows, in contrast to the pocket folder.
(for example 6×3, 8×3 or 10×3 fields)

For optimal function we recommend, unlike the TWIN-Card, an uneven number of columns and 3 rows.
(for example 5x3, 7x3 or 9x3 fields)

Depending on the internal order situation, we can complete 100,000 pieces within 7 working days after your "good for printing".

Advance deliveries are also possible.

  • hot foil stamping on the cover
  • UV high-gloss coating on the cover
  • partial UV varnishing on the cover
  • cellophane (matt or glossy) on the cover
  • High/blind embossing on cover
  • scratch fields on the cover or in the content
  • Numbering on the cover

A high-quality cardboard with a basis weight of 300 to 350 g/m² is used for the cover. The inner sheet is a picture printing paper with a volume of 80-90 g/m² with best printing and finishing properties.

Other materials can be used, and we will assist you in the selection of materials.

Normally the pocket guides are packed in A4 cartons. It is also possible to pack the Pocket Guides in specially designed dispensers.

One dispenser has a capacity of approx. 30-45 pcs. Depending on the design of the pocket guides.

The whole edition or only a part can be packed in dispensers.

We produce the pocketguides from 500 pieces. 

Basically, a curve radius of 4 mm has proven to be the best for our pocket guides.

This is usually set individually to the corresponding format - but is usually between 3 and 5 mm - but can of course be freely selected or sometimes omitted.

Information about our pocket guides