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Nowadays ski resorts have a lot to offer not only in winter, but also in summer there are numerous hiking routes, bike trails or theme parks for the whole family.

Our clever pocket guides are for all seasons the better info flyer for your visitors.

In the wintertime werden die the slope maps or the cross country skiing routes of the skiing regions are displayed with the length of the slopes, refreshment facilities or the most important safety info.

In the sommertime there are bikemaps, hiking route plans so as not to lose your bearings in the mountains. No matter for which season you need a planner - in any case our pocket guides has a lot of benefits in the outdoor area.

Weather resistant
(snow, cold)

you don't need wifi

Practical & quick to store
(quickly at hand & easy handling)

These are the 3 main arguments why we know that our pocketcards the best solution for outdoor activities .